Your source for everything sound and music. Hooz Audio offers sound production services for all aspects of film and music production. Got a shoot coming up? We can record your dialogue on location. Need sound mixing? We can do it in 5.1 surround sound. Need music to enhance your story? We score films.

If concerns over music or sound are a burden to making your project become a reality, leave it to us. Tom Hauser, owner and operator, has been doing sound and music since 2002. Tom constantly works with filmmakers and performance artists to give voice to their art. Also check out our ever expanding photo gallery.

Latest News

Achievements Unlimited Shoot

Tom ran sound for the a documentary on the Achievemnents Unlimited Basketball camp, directed by Mechelle Lavelle.  Tom and Nascar veteran camera operator Jeff Barnhill were briefly seen on Charlotte's WCNC.  Achievements Unlimited is amazing organization helping youth achieve their life goals through basketball.  Production is on going for this feature length documentary.


ISDN comes to Winston Salem, at Hooz Audio

Making a living a sound engineer is all about offering the services people want.  Recently I've recieved multiple inquires about ISDN recording, and after a little research and a few phone calls to classmates in NYC, I'm pleased to annouce that Hooz Audio is offering ISDN connectivity through Source Connect and Ednet Bridging.  What's ISDN?  Well, before the internet and VOIP, people needed a way to make high quality phone calls into recording sessions to accurately judge the quality of a performance from across the country.  Traditional ISDN relies on two dedicated telephone lines and a br

Death and the Robot on WFDD

Death and the Robot was featured last week on Triad Arts, and Tom got a shout out for his work composing the music for the film!