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Thomas Gray Hauser-Hooz Audio-Post Production Winston Salem-Tom Hauser
Thomas Gray Hauser-Hooz Audio-Post Production Winston Salem North Carolina
Thomas Gray Hauser-Hooz Audio-Production Winston Salem North Carolina-Tom Hauser

Your source for everything sound and music. Hooz Audio offers sound production services for all aspects of film and music production. Got a shoot coming up? We can record your dialogue on location. Need sound mixing? We can do it in 5.1 surround sound. Need music to enhance your story? We score films.

If concerns over music or sound are a burden to making your project become a reality, leave it to us. Tom Hauser, owner and operator, has been doing sound and music since 2002. Tom constantly works with filmmakers and performance artists to give voice to their art. Check out the services page to hear what Tom can do for your project.  Also check out our ever expanding photo gallery.


Tom has partnered with Zoo Station Studios in Winston-Salem, NC to open the Green Studio, a post production sound editing and mixing room!  We are open and ready to mix!  Call or email to set up a visit if you can't make it.

Tom continues to work in indepedent film recording dialogue on set.  In September Tom traveled to Maryland to work on the Columbia Unniversity film Old Bay, directed by Elena Rudkin.  In October Tom worked in Wilkesboro on Cagney Gentry's feature Harvest.  In November Tom worked on the WGBH web video, Literacy in Education, filming in classrooms in Raleigh and Durham.  In January Tom worked on Turnip Films' short First Kiss.  December and January have seen Tom working on several corporate shoots in RTP creating promotional material for IBM and Lenovo.  Tom also records the jazz band concerts at UNCSA.

Death and the Robot will screen in Israel at the Tel Aviv International Film Festival, Boston International Film Festival, and Brown University Film Festival.  The Death and the Robot OST can be downloaded absolutely for free at Death and the Robot, a UNCSA animated short directed by Austin Taylor, has played at several festivals in North Carolina, and won best animation at Asheville Film Festival.  Tom's music took the place of dialogue in the 11 minute, beautiful stop-motion piece.   The trailer is available on the samples page.  The soundtrack includes the entire music track in surround sound as an AC3 Dolby file, playable on your computer in VLC.  Here is the Behind the Scenes piece produced by Jack Pennington

In March 2013, Tom mixed the "Krush" webseries for Men's Health, produced by Mark Millhone.  Unless you hate laughing, you have to check it out: 

Foodie, a dark comedy exploring the blurring of lines between loving and obsessing about food, continues to receive numerours awards at various horror film festivals, it's most recent being Best Picture at the Killuride Film Festival, part of the 2013 Myrtle Beach XCON.  Tom worked as boom op and sound mixer on this Cinema Fuel production:

In October 2012, Tom was a finalist in the student recording competition at the 133rd AES convention in San Francisco under the category of Traditional Multitrack.  Tom received a ranking of Bronze for his work recording singer-songwriter Rosemary Gingerich.  Over sixty entries from students all over the world were submitted to the four categories of competition, with only the top three entries in each category being allowed to present their work.  Tom was judged by Glenn Lorbecki, Jim Anderson, and Sgt. Brandie Lane, engineers with numerous Emmy and Grammy awards and nominations.  You can hear Rosemary's song Where He Goes at


First Kiss (2014) Credit: production sound mixer

Literacy in Education (WGBH) Credit: production sound mixer

Old Bay (2013) Credit: production sound mixer

Harvest (2013) Credit: production sound mixer

The Means (2013) Credit: post production sound engineer

Death and the Robot (2013) Credit: composer

Rebuild (2012) Credit: composer

Drinking in the Sun (2012) Credit: composer

Molly Under the Moon (2012) Credit: music editor, music mixer

Anything is Possible (2012) Credit: music editor

Los Scavengers (2012) Credit: re-recording mixer

Foodie (2012) Credit: sound mixer/boom operator

Destiny Road (2011) Credit: sound mixer

A Box for Rob (2011) Credit: ADR engineer

Santiago Files (2010) Credit: location recording engineer, NC team

Elsewhere (2010) Credit: sound mixer, post production mixer

The Rusty Bucket Kids Club (2009) Credit: sound mixer, post production sound editor

At Dawn (2009) Credit: foley artist, sound designer, post production mixer                      

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Thomas Gray Hauser